And Now, Home Sweet Haiti

The planes are being boarded, the “see ya laters” have been said, and-after so much anticipation-the journey in Haiti begins today. There is a surreal aspect to what I get to do with my life for the next few years. Far more surreal is the fact that it is actually here, and I find myself in awe of so many variables. The most prevalent is far and wide the love and support from which I am coming into this work. I am exceedingly blessed by the people in my life that have shown me unwavering love in how I am choosing to follow God. I know that a large sum of this love is sacrificial. Overseas mission is demanding on more than the missioner. However gently, it nonetheless asks for sacrifice on all sides. Sacrifice of time, of birthdays, of holidays, of physical presence, and of all the little moments that like pieces of tile, generate a stunning mosaic of life. Though the reward is SO worth what we give up in answering this call, it is still important to acknowledge that many more than myself are also going through the growing pains.
It is hard to watch one’s baby girl, kid sister, best friend, mom friend, and colleague go off into the world in such an extreme way. There have been many hard “see ya laters” because of the relationships that exist between myself and the people I’m blessed to know. It is hard and admittedly in some ways anxiety-inducing for me to leave the only home I have ever known and take this leap of faith into what God has in store for me. Yet, in coming from such a resolute foundation of love, I am ready to grow and learn in this experience. Who I am getting on the plane to leave for Haiti for the first time today is someone I hope I am far better than when I come back at the end of my contract. It is the relationships and connections I have made that push me toward Haiti. My heart leaps knowing in a few short hours, I will be there! I want to make more connections, pursue more relationships, and show the people I encounter that they are loved. Perhaps the greatest gift of mission is the knowledge I will gain from the Haitian people. Whatever I can hope to give in this work, will be nothing in comparison to the nourishment I receive. This fact continues to humble me.
One of my favorite songs by my favorite band (Mumford & Sons) has a lyric that says “where you invest your love, you invest your life.” Well folks, I am investing my love in Haiti and her resilient people. I am investing my love in the God who gives me strength and courage to do these wonderful things. I am not enough for this and that is okay, I am not asked to be, I am asked simply to trust. Philippians 4:13 says “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Christ has not asked us to do impossible feats, he only asks that we trust him enough to let him work through us and bring love into this world. Not all are called to overseas mission, and that is perfectly fine. We are ALL called, however, to be missioners every day. To extend beyond ourselves and look for ways to live and love better, to treat others with dignity, respect, and humility. We can all do really ordinary things out of an extraordinary love. It can be difficult to bring light into a world that seems to be bleak more often than not, but I pray we can all remember the power of a single ember. Be bold, be brave, be the spark you needed in a rough spot, and know always that you are loved deeply. I continue to invest my love in all of you amazing humans. I thank you ardently for all that you have done for me. I cannot express enough gratitude for the sacrifices you’ve agreed to make so that I can pursue what sets my soul on fire, but please know I carry you with me in my heart. May you all invest your lives in those and what deserves you, you’re worth it!
There you have it folks, my first big girl blog post. I will do all I can to keep you updated on my adventures in the land of high mountains, pictures included too (hopefully!). May the peace and love of God be with you always. Have an awesome day homies!

Where you invest your love, you invest your life.

– Mumford & Sons

2 thoughts on “And Now, Home Sweet Haiti

  1. Hi Abby!
    I was an MLM in Kenya Class of 2005, went to high school in Sedan, Ks, and college at KU and St.Mary of the Plaines in Dodge City, now living in Miami FL. I have made many medical mission trips to Haiti…and just wanted to wish you all the best…m’ap priye pou ou! W’ap bon moun!!!! I hope to follow you on your blog site…I”ve never been to Gros Morne, but have heard great things about the sisters you will be working with there. And please give a big bon jou to Sami….we met once in Kitale, Kenya when she visited there years ago. Maybe we will meet someday…si Bondye vle….or God willing and the creek don’t rise! Blessings on your mission.
    Rose Anderson


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